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Sascha Nils Marx the Mangaka of "Naglyas Herz" was at the Comicsalon Erlangen (Germany), and I'm happy I got this very detailled scetch. So cute =^^=

Oh, I love this cel. It was used in an article (scan) of the best German anime and Manga magazine "MangasZene"

Aimee Kitty deep down under cover *cool*

Great, gorgeous, I love that cel. Armitage more or less naked, with an unique copy background. I can tell you, it looks so cool! (that's perhaps because of the damn expensive frame, too :) )
here's a link to a photo where you can see how it looks framed.

An oversized Ah! My Goddess Harmony cel (vertical). The shot is the key end cel from an episode of the mini-godesses TV series. The cel is a real dream cel, it's so gorgeous!
I'm glad I got this, although it was at a time where I was nearly complete out of money.
But who would say no by this cel?!? - Well, me not.
here you can see it framed)

*wah* why isn't that a Ai-chan cel? - well, it's really cool, too

Oversized background of Tokyo. Very detailed. I love this cel. I think about framing this one, I think it'll look even greater then.
Well, it does, it's not a good photo, but here you can see it framed.

Yeah! Great Sae cel from the first epsiode shortly before she falls of the bike ^^ 
with matching bg

I was very happy as I heard that Nao Yazawa drew skeches, too, and so I was able to get this cute scetch of Daisy.

Sexy Neo Ranga OP cel   0_0

Wedding Peach transformation cel. Sexy, isn't it?
I was able to get this signed by Nao Yazawa =^^=

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